Thursday, July 14, 2011

Silver of the Week VII


10 gram Pamp S.A. Suisse "CertiCard" assayed .999 fine silver bullion.  A beautiful enclosed piece of silver bullion from Switzerland, long known as some of the world's most trusted bullion dealers and assayers.  These type of pieces are some of the most liquid bullion bars in the world due to their clear markings and security features and they sell for a premium over the spot price.  As you can see, this particular bar has a loop on the top for putting a chain through.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Banknote(s) of the Month, July 2011 - The "Blue Dollar"

A few years ago, there was a word of mouth and internet conspiracy theory that the US Government and/or Federal Reserve was planning a new US Dollar as a way to stem what some speculated was a coming hyper-inflation.  There was even a term on Wall Street that I heard used on one of the financial news stations called "the Blue Dollar trade" - ie, buying anything of tangible value like copper, gold, silver, oil, etc in anticipation of a major currency event and the devaluation of the US Dollar.  I also heard that the re-valuation would be one Blue Dollar for every 3 old Federal Reserve Note.  These theories were shown incorrect with the passage of time and furthermore, the images of the two different designs were simply fictional contest entries in a dollar re-design project that was unrelated to the US government.  They are very interesting graphics, so even though they aren't real notes, I wanted to share them with my readers. 

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Silver of the Week, VI

The silver of the week for July 3 - July 9 is the A&M Fine Metals 1 gram silver bullion bar.  They are hand-made in Indiana, USA by an acquaintance of mine.  He mints them periodically and puts them up for sale in various ways, including through E-Bay and the online metal retailer "Copper Cave".  They are .999 silver and have a great classic look to them!

Silver quote of the Month, July 2011

"I think in the case of silver, which of course had a huge catch-up move with gold and then had a shakeout after that because it moved far too fast, the low of that correction period is in and I think we’re within days of the correct moment to be buying back into silver again."
-Robin Griffiths, King World News interview, June 29 2011 

Link to full interview: