Thursday, April 3, 2014

Modified Production Process for US $1 Dollar notes (Federal Reserve Notes)

Instead of 32 notes per sheet there will now by 50 per sheet.  The main difference is the size font of one of the identifying numbers on the note.  This will provide collectors with something interesting to look for in the 2009 series - the "pre" and "post" versions of this change.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Japan's Sales Tax Increase Means More 1-Yen Coins

While Australia, New Zealand, and Canada have all done away with their penny, the United States, Great Britain, Euro-zone, and Japan all see at least some use for retaining their lowest unit coin despite the eroded value after decades of inflation.  Specifically, 1/100th unit coins are needed to make change due to government sales taxes.  One interesting thing I learned from the story is that Japan has "100 Yen stores" the same way we have "Dollar stores" in the US.  There are currently 38.8 billion one-yen coins in circulation.

Gold sales in Japan are also up due to the coming sales tax increase: