Wednesday, May 11, 2011

10-year Treasury still strong despite monetary inflation

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It seems that every time the metals and crude heat up and the fear of inflation goes mainstream, some event(s) happens in politics or the markets which cause a "risk-off" and keep the 10-year Treasury bond price stubbornly high, with a yield of only about 3.2%. If you believe official CPI numbers this is not horrible, especially considering the measly return on bank CDs and the only marginally higher return on municipals and highly-rated corporate bonds. Every time the 35-year bull market in bonds seems ready to finally turn the other way, it finds a way to stay intact. Perhaps the ending of QE2 in June will be the turning point, but supposing it causes a pull-back in stock and metals, the bond market might STILL stay strong. Its frustrating for silver squirrels, but it gives us more time to save our silver nuts!

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